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Take advantage of rich incentives that won't last for long

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Welcome to InvestSolar!

Invest in a better environment–get paid to install solar.

Solar is a viable and proven power source throughout Washington State.  To encourage business- and homeowners to switch to green energy, our state and federal governments are paying a lot of the cost.

You probably already know that an investment in solar power is an investment in a greener future.  Do you understand the various incentive programs that are available to you as a solar buyer?

InvestSolar provides turn-key solar electric power projects–solar powered investments.  We’ll make a complex process easy for you.  Our specialty is residential and  small commercial systems up to 100 kW in size.  Meticulous quality goes into every phase of a project.

                  Have you ever considered?…

                      —solar can be a place to put away money for the future so that it is both secure and grows handsomely.

We can show you how an InvestSolar power project will more than pay for itself with tax money, incentives, and utility savings, and how it will produce income and energy independence for decades to come.

Why InvestSolar?

We believe our customers deserve more than a slogan or promise that “solar is a great investment…”.  We design solar power systems to provide the maximum financial benefit to the owners.    With our proprietary software, we optimize a system’s size and cost to work best with a buyer’s unique financial and tax status.

Solar without the guesswork.

We believe that a detailed and accurate financial analysis is the only way to keep you truly in the know about how your project “pencils out”.

If a solar project won’t produce exceptional returns, we’ll tell you in advance.

Washington State solar incentives are undergoing some changes, and we’ll keep you informed as a new solar program unfolds.

We invite you to use our website as a learning tool. When you’re ready to delve deeper, we’ll give you a free consultation using the Solar Optimizer®, our unique financial modeling software.  It will help to answer questions such as:

  • Why is financial designing essential for good solar investment returns?
  • How much does a solar power system cost?
  • Will solar work on my property?
  • How soon will it pay for itself?
  • How much will I get from the incentive payments?
  • How would my solar project stack up as an investment?
  • How can I double or even triple my investment percentage from a solar project?

We’ll help you figure out all the money you can save as well as showing you the investment potential of a solar electric power system that is tailored to your unique site location, financial, and business circumstances

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Did you know?…

  • Tax credits, power savings, and incentives can pay you more than 100% of the cost of a solar power system.
  • Every day, home and business owners are being paid by federal and state governments to install solar and increase the amount of renewable energy in the United States.
  • Solar is one of the best tax protection strategies available for home and business owners.


Solar Builds Wealth

Not only does solar create environmental wealth by helping to preserve our planet for the next generation, direct ownership of a solar electric power system can provide a valuable asset and a source of tax free passive income for years to come. Solar is an excellent and safe financial investment that compares favourably to many conventional methods like stocks and bonds. Unlike most investments, it shelters and redirects many thousands of tax dollars back into your pockets. It protects your wealth by generating free electricity for decades, and shields you from utility price increases.
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